Teeth Whitening

Inspire Dental can assist you with brightening your smile and improving your appearance and self confidence:


This involves the use of custom-made take-home bleaching kits. To make the trays to fit your mouth we first need to take impressions of your teeth. We will provide you with a teeth whitening gel to use at home in conjunction with wearing the trays. You will usually need to wear the tray for several hours a day, (overnight is suggested) for about ten days to three weeks.

An initial consultation will determine the best options for your teeth whitening and to make sure that you don't have any decay or other limitations that would compromise your tooth whitening results.

If your teeth have restorations such as fillings and crowns you will need to consider that those restorations cannot be bleached.

A dental clean is recommended to remove any plaque and ensure the teeth are clean prior to bleaching. Contact your friendly Auckland dentist now on  09 5228090.

Teeth Whitening Auckland